With improved barrier properties and lower cost compared to rigid packaging, flexible packaging is steadily gaining importance in the packaging industry. Our flexible line makes high quality packaging films and laminates, and offers other specialized services such as rotogravure printing and sleeve-making.

Flexible packaging combines different plastic films, aluminium foil and paper to produce laminates of two or more layers for providing layered protection against moisture, gases and odours. Used where colourful package design and preserving product quality are important, such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries, flexographic printing offers economy with quality...more
On our flexographic line, flexographic printing in up to eight colours can be done on paper, poly-coated paper and films. We have the first ever gearless press in the country which has the ability to print lifelike images on materials like Polyethylene, OPP, and Polyester...more
With the help of latest in-house cylinder making and engraving facilities, customers can choose from up to ten colors Cerrutti presses of very high quality printing results. Commonly used printing substrates on our rotogravures are: PET, BOPP, Metallized OPP...more
Bag making is an integral part of our Flexible Line. We have the capability to provide the following variety of bag constructions: Side Seal, Double Side Seal, Bottom Seal, Three Side Seal, Bottom Gusset Bags and Side Gusset Bags. We have automated...more
  From its factory located in the north Karachi industrial area, Karachi, Printpack Services commenced operations by manufacturing and printing high quality poly bags and poly products through automatic extrusion plant and printing facilities of high technique and
modern technology...more