Technical Expertise

Flexographic Printing
On our flexographic line, flexographic printing in up to eight colours can be done on paper, poly-coated paper and films. We have the first ever gearless press in the country which has the ability to print lifelike images on materials like Polyethylene, OPP, and Polyester.

Rotogravure Printing
With the help of latest in-house cylinder making and engraving facilities, customers can choose from up to ten colors Cerrutti presses of very high quality printing results. Commonly used printing substrates on our rotogravures are: PET, BOPP, Metallized OPP, Pearlised OPP, Paper and PVC.
Packages has both solvent based and solvent-less laminators. With the help of our modern machines even complex structures of three to four laminations can be done on our lamination facilities. Equipped with Italian technology, computerized control and auto splicing, we can laminate BOPP, Polyester, Al foil, Met OPP, Met PET, .E. paper as fast as 250 m/min with continuous production. An automatic viscosity control system ensures consistent quality. The R&D center at Packages helps customers develop cost effective laminates to suit their needs.
We have our own mono- and multi-layer extrusion facility that can extrude polyethylene of different grades and colours. Canadian technology with computerized control and monitoring of each layer on our 3 and 5 layer extrusion line enables us to produce high output to meet our customers' demands and keep up with new market trends. We extrude a number of specialized films which includes oil, ghee, detergent and food films. These specialized films are known for their strength and high barrier properties. We also have an on-line slitting option on our line which makes our system more efficient.
Bag & Sleeve making
Bag making is an integral part of our Flexible Line. We have the capability to provide the following variety of bag constructions: Side Seal, Double Side Seal, Bottom Seal, Three Side Seal, Bottom Gusset Bags and Side Gusset Bags. We have automated sleeve-making machines on which we make shrinkable PVC sleeves.